Where is Santa?

By December 24, 2019Uncategorized
Elf Acai Bowl

Tracking Santa is simple with Google

The big guy in the red suit will be flying everywhere tonight! Where is Santa? Maybe, you are at home with the family or you’re out and want to know where he is. Or it could be you would like to catch him and the reindeer in action. Just be careful I don’t think it’s too late to add people to the naughty list if you try too hard to catch him.

Thanks to Google, tracking Santa is simple. They have teamed up with the Kringle Crew for a fun way to keep an eye on the magic of Christmas. Click HERE to find out his whereabouts with more holiday fun. You could even create a new fun tradition for the family. While you’re watching Father Christmas you could be enjoying our delicious and nutrient dense Holiday Menu items.

If you’re looking to see where Santa starts, they don’t turn the tracking on. We can let you know a little secrete. Santa starts with a Delicious Nutrient Dense meal from Rio Nectar and a Nitro Coffee. St.Nick needs the energy to fulfill all deliveries tonight. We like to give the Elves free Premium Hot Cocoa with a peppermint flavour shot to keep their little bodies warm without the sugar crash.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Rio Nectar! Let us know where Santa is.

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