Judy Lu

By October 25, 2017

Judy is the founder of Buds and Blossoms. As a mother of two young children, Connor (4) and Clara (1), she knows the ups and downs and challenges families face on a daily basis. As a long-time Cabbagetown resident, Judy recognizes there is a lack of resources in the local community to provide a comprehensive set of enrichment classes and special interest workshops for both parents and children, particularly those ranging from infancy to primary school. In addition to this, she finds it challenging to fit in time to exercise and attend fitness and health classes due to lack of short-term childcare (okay, let’s be honest, this could be due to laziness too…just saying). As such, the concept of Buds and Blossoms was born. Judy is a skilled executive with over 15 years of experience in strategic event planning, marketing and project management in the hospitality and food & beverage industry. She enjoys hosting parties, cooking, baking… and by the way, she is terrified of pigeons! She cannot wait to welcome all the families that will walk through the doors of Buds and Blossoms with open arms.