Rio Nectar Readers Choice 2019 Diamond Winner

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Rio Nectar 2019 Readers Choice Diamond Winner

Cambridge, Ontario

With the 2019 Readers Choice awards closing, we were absolutely honoured that our community felt we deserved nominations in 20 categories. Some of the nominations included; Best lunch, Best new restaurant, Catering, Company that gives back to the community and many more.

It has been a long first year for us and we have met many great new friends. We may be biased, but we believe we have the best guests ever. It has been a challenging year but we are grateful for the privilege to be here. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve high quality nutrient dense food in this great community. We continue to change the way we do things in order to serve you better as it’s an ongoing commitment of ours.

We were speechless to find out that our commitment to you has not gone unnoticed. We cannot thank all of our friends new and old that continue to come into our eatery and support us as we grow. For voting for us over the course of the month and encouraging us to continue our path to create a family friendly and welcoming environment with quality food. We are blown away that we were able to win in all 20 categories and take home 17 Diamond Awards.

We owe it all to you and cannot sum up the words to describe the way we feel in order to thank you properly. Instead, we will show our gratitude by never forgetting our commitment to you. We will continue to watch for new clean delicious products we can add to our line. To research ways to speed up our service and continue to support the community we are in that has supported us from the beginning. We will continue to create our menu from locally sourced ingredients purchasing from ethical companies as well as monitor our carbon foot print and look for better ways to become more environmentally friendly.

That is our commitment to you and we thank you for the opportunity to do so. Thank you for awarding us Diamond status.

Readers choice winner