New Holiday Menu, same great taste

By December 5, 2019Uncategorized

We decided to take all the flavours that make you think Christmas is on the way and add them into our high quality menu items. Close your eyes, it’s like your taste buds get to watch your best Christmas movie marathon. Like the elves put the meal together themselves bursting with holiday spirit.

Turkey and Cranberry is a common dish by most over the Holidays. Our Rio Turkey and Cran chef-inspired Sandwich, we use our real slow roasted Turkey breast shaved down in house along side cranberry sauce, lettuce blend, house made cranberry vinaigrette, provolone cheese, and housed on clean label Bridor bread. The Cranberry and Turkey Entree Salad consists of the same items with dried cranberries to add a little extra kick.

You know us, we couldn’t stop there with out creating desert like dishes as well. Pure Acai, our signature blend of fruit, cranberry sauce, dried cranberry, cocoa nibs, and pure cocoa powder make up this delicacy we call The Cranberry Cocoa. Available as a Bowl, Smoothie, or Parfait. Powerful Acai taste with an essence of chocolate and cranberry screams December.

All ingredients chosen to make up these menu items are very nutrient dense and high in antioxidants. The flavour your taste buds crave with the quality your body needs. Giving you the nutrients it needs to fuel your Holiday shopping! We know how it is, your going to need all the energy you can get.

Kicking that refined sugar can be tough

In the new year when your ready to get back to your normal lifestyle, this is a great menu item to curve those cravings of refined sugars we joyfully add to our diets throughout Christmas. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, so go ahead and eat that chocolate. The hard part is putting it down after the holidays and getting back to a proper balance. Too much refined sugars can lead to fatigue, headache, critical illness, hormonal imbalances and much more. Our menu does not contain added sugar. The nutrients from fruit help slow down and absorb natural sugars properly as energy. When you have a craving for a hint of chocolate, The Cranberry Cocoa to the rescue!

We like to party, 2020 is almost here

We would like to wish everyone the best over the holiday season, and look forward to seeing you all throughout 2020. Give us a shout if you need food prepared for your new years eve party with our Catering menu.

The Cranberry Cocoa Acai Bowl
The Cranberry Turkey Entree Salad
The Cranberry Turkey Sandwich