Eat your way out of stress

By January 6, 2020Uncategorized
Reduce Stress

As a Paramedic, our Founder knows stress. Stress is a huge part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we notice the effects of this stress and sometimes our bodies are so well adapt. That’s when we are able to cope with out noticing it was a stress inducer at all. There are many ways for us to take care of our bodies and fuel it properly in order to handle stress levels better.

Our brains interpret everything around us at an accelerated rate and sends that information to our bodies to react to the information received. Without the nutrients it needs to function, both our mind and body can interpret this information improperly. The body needs nourishment in order to fulfill all tasks including ones we don’t realize are currently taking place. Our brain is very good at giving us signals. It will tell us when something is wrong with our body or we are not getting the proper things we need from our environment to carry on. Information that becomes misinterpreted can show up as anxiety, depression and more. How do we limit misinterpretation of these signals? By eliminating any outside factors that could be increasing the issues and fuelling your body so it can perform clearly.

That is why Rio Nectar added a corporate Catering menu to help. Nutritionally dense food during the work day can decrease stress and increase productivity. Proper nutrition will also create an atmosphere inside the body that promotes immune function.


Dark Chocolate

Yes we said it, Chocolate. With in moderation as dark chocolate still contains added sugars, it is a great source of many nutrients. Dark Chocolate and Cocoa, like our Premium Hot Cocoa we gave to the volunteers of the Santa Clause Parade 2019, contains tryptophan which our brain uses to create neurotransmitters like serotonin used to increase our mood. Try and obtain Chocolate that is at least 70% to maximize your nutrients and decrease the fillers. Mmmm Chocolate.

Premium Hot Cocao

Whole Grains

Whole grains like brown rice contain many nutrients including Folate. This vitamin may decrease mood disorders and increase our memory. In a fast paced world relying heavily on our electronics, boosting memory is never a bad idea. Reducing mood swings and distress are among some finding during a study of Folate. Was memory mentioned?


Simple, reliable, affordable. Eggs are a nutritional power house that can create many delicious nutrient dense dishes like our breakfast menu. Low Vitamin B has been linked to many complications like Anxiety and psychological distress. Eggs contain many of these needed vitamins which also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The yolk contains high concentrations of the sunshine vitamin, D, which plays a role in our ability to balance our mood. Increasing vitamin D in the body helps with depression and impacts our calcium absorption. Eggs are one food that is definitely all its cracked up to be.

Angus Beef and Cheddar